Haven is a social media app centered in the cryptocurrency community that is designed for female crypto-novices. The platform aims to create a safe and informative space for women to confidently engage in the community.

Users are empowered through community participation as they engage with content and other users to build their own network for crypto talk. The app shows degrees of connections and shared trait tags to build personal relatedness amongst users, ultimately building trust and confidence.

Project Type

Independent Case Study


UX Researcher & UI Designer


2 Months


UX/UI Designer

Seeing a gap in the market for the rising crypto trend and inspired by my personal mission to use tech to give voice to underrepresented people, I aimed to create a more inclusive and supportive community for crypto novices in a landscape that can be hyper-masculine and intimidating.

Explore Feed

Personalized crypto-content tailored to your interests and experience level.

Community Participation

Join users who share your interests in niche groups. You can meet new people, share your knowledge, or get support.

Sharing Personal Relatedness

Connect with others you can relate to through shared trait tags and degrees of connection, and share your learning journey together.

Understanding the User

The Womens Crypto-Novice Experience

User Interviews

I found that women were reluctant to join crypto because they were intimidated by the crypto-community, which lacks the trust and support they needed as female beginners.


Combine 3 project touch points (design presentation, feedback and design iterations, and bug tracking) into one, easy-to-use product.

My Role/Responsibilities

UI Designer
Design system management
UX design. support

What problems am I solving for?

The core user needs that I needed to address directed this project towards a solution that would provide social support to users rather than educational resources or portfolio guidance.

Users want to...

  • ask questions without feeling judged
  • connect with other beginners she can relate to
  • find trusted peers for crypto talk

They felt

  • patronized in their learning process
  • alienated by the bro culture
  • uncomfortable asking simple questions

A need for a safe space.

Users wanted to:

  • ask questions without feeling judged
  • connect with other beginners to relate to
  • find trusted peers for crypto talk
01 / 03

Tired of the mansplaining.

Users felt:

  • patronized in their learning process
  • alienated by the bro culture
  • uncomfortable asking simple quesitons
02 / 03

Take the quick and easy.

They typically:

  • like low maintenance investments
  • ask their close friends for financial advice
  • looked to social media or a quick Google search about crypto
03 / 03

Ensuring Success

My North Star Metrics

What value am I adding?

How might we foster a safe and informative space for women so that they can confidently and comfortably participate and engage in the cryptosphere?


The product should also be easy to use and highly recommended, so task success rate and net promoter score were measured as benchmarks. I aimed for the following KPIs:


task success rate


new promoter score

Leveraging User Feedback

A Slight Bump in the Road

Why did I change direction?

I had pivoted away from my initial solution that connected users to crypto mentors and mentees because I discovered through testing that it did not offer the maximum value to address core user needs.

User Feedback

"I didn't notice the community feature until the end."


"It [the community] feels like an afterthought."


"Seems like it's more about finding a mentor than a community."

A refocus on community

I refocused my direction, honing in on community participation and sharing personal relatedness, as the main priority for the MVP.

As a note, the mentorship feature is still a future consideration for the product roadmap - it just wasn’t the main feature that would offer the most value to my end user for this MVP.

Key Screens

Empowering users through community

By focusing on the quality of information instead of the quantity and approaching the design and UX with careful consideration of the end user, we were able to design a website that makes discovering and understanding the scientific community's opinion on relevant issues a straightforward and engaging experience.

Home Page
Key Features
  • A “web of information” hints to the sites content and draws the user in through connected visuals
  • A navy background instills a feeling trust and intentionally deviates from the white backgrounds typically found on database websites
  • Imagery is treated to both pop and fade into the background to draw attention and create a distinct visual language throughout the site
  • Animated graphics add an additional layer of interest and visually communicate the copy they’re paired with


There's a lot to unpack

What could I have done better?

Something I would have liked to improve would be developing a stronger solution in maintaining a safer community. My design includes typical reporting and censoring considerations, however, this could be further explored.

As another future consideration, I would’ve liked to explore more of the shared trait tags to build rapport amongst users. For example, tags that displayed shared interests in different cryptocoins or investment styles.

What did I takeaway from this project?

Reflecting back, I learned that I shouldn’t be too excited over early validations and jump into a solution. It can ultimately waste more time and resources when a product idea is not properly validated.

On the other hand, I also learned to keep a MVP-first mindset. Things will never be perfect state, which is why it’s important to maintain an agile process that revolves around iterative validation and leveraging user feedback.

Concept Exploration

Taking it a step further

Inspiration was drawn from fine dining restaurants with a focus on minimal yet functional simplicity. The UI design reflects the user's desire to have a clutter free, curated look and feel.

Visual Identity

The visual experience needed to feel warm and welcoming, while not distracting from the text heavy content. I aimed for a soft and subtle visual design, incorporating muted elements intentionally, yet sparingly. I checked color contrast and accessibility throughout, paying particular attention to the muted colors in my design.

UI Library

Utilizing Brad Frost’s Atomic Design Methodology, I developed a robust design system to allow for higher quality, consistent, and faster UI design.

Product Landing Page

I explored what a marketing website would look like for my app on desktop and mobile and researched various product landing pages to find design patterns that build a compelling marketing narrative.

Cross Platform Experience

I envisioned other platforms that my app could be used on and applied my concept to a smartwatch, allowing users to engage with the crypto-community in a way that is highly glanceable and easily introduced into daily life.

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